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1950 (1)
Great Canon called also King of Canons
Vision of Christ, by Bp. Ignaty Briantchaninov
Prayer of Optina elders
Orthodox Veneration of the Most Holy Mother of God, by Prof. I. Andreev
Russian Martyrs, by M. G.
The Children's Section.  Natasha's Dream, by Galina Deinitzine
Father John Cronstadt.  My Life in Christ

1950 (2)
Pascha Message, by Right Reverend Nikon, bishop of Florida
"Let us lift up our hearts!" by Ch. H. Stratman
Holy Patriarch Tikhon, by E. Lopushansky
Of bodily and spiritual labors by Bp. Ignaty Briantchaninov
Our Father, by Xenia Jurieva
Father John Cronstadt. My Life in Christ

1950 (3)

1950 (4)

1950 (5)

1950 (6)

1964 (3)
Epistle of Sobor Bishops to Faithful May
Enthronement Metropolitan Philaret
New Primate of ROCA
Holy Trinity Seminary 17th Commencement
Commencement Speech Archbishop Averky, "The Significance of the Holy Trinity Seminary"
Speech of Dr. Boyd E. Golder, Utica College
Biography of Pat. Tikhon, Jane Swan, Ch. 3, "1917 to the Famine"

1970 (6)
Thoughts of the Blessed Met. Anthony
Homily on the Nativity of Christ, Metr. Philaret of Moscow
Akathist St. John Kronstadt
Schemamonk Mark of Sarov
A Rule of Attention to Oneself for a Person Living in the World, Bp. Ignaty Briantchaninov
Teaching of Bp. Theophan On Emulating the Mother of God
The Annunciation Convent in London, England
Book Review: "Eternal Mysteries Beyond the Grave",  George A. Znamensky
Index to "Orthodox Life": 1950-1970

1973 (4)
The Pochaev Ikon of the Theotokos
The Holy New Martyr St. Athanasius of Brest
The Apparition of St. Nicholas at Juneau and the Conversion of the Tlinket-Aukwanton
Father Alexei Toth and the Return of the Emigrant Uniates to the Holy Church
More Particular Definitions of the Church, Metr. Antony Khrapovitsky
Roman Catholic Ecumenism in Relation to the Orthodox Church, Protopresbyter George Grabbe
On the Law of God, Metr. Philaret
The House of God, Rev. Fr. N.P. Antonov
Focal Point: On Drug Addiction, Deacon Lev Puhalo

1975 (5)
Feast of the Protection (from: Lives of the Saints October, St. Chrysostom Press, trans. Fr. Thomas Maretta,)

1980 (2)
Life of our Venerable Father Gerasimus
Homily of New Sunday and St. Mamas, St. Gregory Theologian
Homily 51,  St. Macarius the Great
Lazarus of Parable and Lazarus Dead, Metr. Anthony Khrapovitsky
Veneration of Relics of Saints, Archpriest Vasily Demidov
Liturgical Books from Manuscript to Print, Fr. Michael Pomazansky
Unknown Monk to whom appeared Archangel Gabriel
Conversion of a Spiritist, V.P. Bykov
Fate of Optina Hermitage

1981 (3)
St. Peter, Wonderworker of Rostov, Prince of the Horde
On the Coming of the Holy Spirit and the Division of Tongues in the Upper Chamber
Patriarch Tikhon,  Bishop Gregory of Manhattan
More on the Lavra of Pochaev
Life of George, Recluse of Zadonsk
Russian Catholics Displeased by the Epistle of the Athonite Fathers
Restoration of the Patriachate in Russia,  Constantine Nikolaev
Elder Averkios of New Skete on Mount Athos
What Do They Expect From Us Over There?  Ludmilla Koehler

1983 (1)
Life of St. Palladius
Life of St. James of Kyros in Syria
Concerning St. Edward
Frightening, Yet Beneficial Vision of Cosmas the Monk
On Serbian Orthodox New Martyrs of WWII, by Joachim Wertz
Eternal Memory: Bishop Nektary of Seattle
Petrovskaya Icon of the Mother of God
Our Task in Iconography by Archimandrite Cyprian
Prayer Life in an Orthodox Home by Archpriest Roman Lukianov
When No Priest is Available by Archpriest Sergei Shukin
Thirty Years Later by George Lardas

1983 (2)

1992 (2)
Homily Holy Friday, St. Philaret Moscow

1999 (1)
Paschal Greeting,  by Archbishop Laurus
How Should We Conduct Ourselves in the Evening Before Sleep?, by Metr. Gregory of St. Petersburg
Fundamentals of the Orthodox Christian Faith, by Archpriest Vladimir Glindsky
Introduction to St. Cyril of Alexandria's Commentaries on 4th Gospel, by G.O. Mazur
Holy Things Are for The Holy
Concerning the Glorification of Emperor Nicholas II
Miracle in Moscow
Southern Deanery Clergy/Matushki Retreat,  by Fr. Seraphim Stevens
Archpastoral Visit,  by Igumen George

Exhortation by the Priest to the Godparent at Baptism," in Orthodox Life, July-August, 1979)

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